Windfall in Renewable Energy: The Role of Remote Inspection Software in Offshore Wind Power Industry

COLD SPRING, N.Y., December 18, 2018 ( – CloudVisit’s unique remote inspection software provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to the growing demand for wind power. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), wind power is expected to expand 60 percent by 2023. As the wind energy industry blooms, the technology used to install, inspect, and maintain wind turbines must evolve. […]

Fly Fearlessly With Remote Aircraft Inspections: CloudVisit Aviation Increases Safety and Quality Assurance

COLD SPRING, N.Y., December 11, 2018 ( – CloudVisit Aviation is raising the bar of aircraft safety inspections with the release of new remote aviation maintenance and inspection software. “We’re making the aviation industry safer for everyone while maximizing productivity and increasing asset uptime,” asserted CEO and Founder of CloudVisit Aviation, Daniel Gilbert. In May 2018, a coalition of 16 industry associations […]

Entering the Cloud-Based Era of Aviation Maintenance: CloudVisit Aviation flies into the future

COLD SPRING, N.Y., December 4, 2018 ( – CloudVisitAviation has released empowering new software that will usher remote aviation maintenance, repairs, and inspections into the era of cloud technology. CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software software as a service (SaaS), is a paperless filing system and combines project management with video conferencing. It features checklist integration, annotated screen capture, and session recordings with remote […]

CloudVisit Telemedicine Aims to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Room Admissions, and Helps With Specialist Consultations

CloudVisit addresses the problem of nonemergency cases using emergency room resources, as well as offers its telemedicine platform to aid emergency rooms in consulting specialists. COLD SPRING, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 30, 2015) – CloudVisit Telemedicine’s HIPAA-compliant video and practice management software is helping to expand emergency room telemedicine. Oftentimes, emergency room cases are not genuine […]

CloudVisit Launches Its Telemedicine Blog: Talk Telemedicine

Telemedicine software provider CloudVisit Telemedicine announces the release of its new telemedicine blog: – entitled “Talk Telemedicine.” Written internally by the CloudVisit staff, the blog will feature telemedicine-related topics including telemedicine advantages, security, new parity laws, advantages for doctors and patients, the evolution of medicine, and more. The company has announced its first Talk Telemedicine blog […]

Telemedicine Can Be Used as a Marketing Tool in Medical Practices

CloudVisit Telemedicine Offers Medical Marketing Services Along With Its Telemedicine Platform Telemedicine software provider CloudVisit Telemedicine has proven that telemedicine solves major healthcare problems and evolves continuity of care for patients. The company also understands that telemedicine can be a great medical marketing tool for private practices and medical facilities eager to expand their patient […]

More Than Half of US States Now Have Telemedicine Parity Laws, With Additional Bills Pending

Indiana, Minnesota and Nevada enact telemedicine parity laws, bringing the national total to 27 states and D.C.; additional bills pend with the possibility to make a nationwide impact. With three additional states—Indiana, Minnesota and Nevada—enacting telemedicine parity laws this week, 27 states and D.C. now have telemedicine coverage enforcement laws. New telemedicine laws and additional […]

CloudVisit Telemedicine Will Attend Westchester County Association’s Health Tech 2015 Conference

CloudVisit Telemedicine will be an exhibitor at Health Tech 2015, WCA’s annual healthcare technology and healthcare innovation conference on May 19, 2015. CloudVisit Telemedicine, leading telemedicine software provider, will be an exhibitor at the Westchester County Association Health Tech 2015 conference on May 19. CloudVisit experts will provide product demonstrations of the telemedicine platform, connect with businesses in […]

CloudVisit Telemedicine Adds a Mass Patient Import Feature to Its Software

CloudVisit adds mass patient importing, enabling providers to invite all existing patients to telemedicine. HIPAA-compliant telemedicine provider CloudVisit Telemedicine continuously adds extra convenience to its software. Exceeding client requests, the company launched its telemedicine mobile app in March, and now announces mass patient importing as its newest feature. CloudVisit offers mass patient imports to all existing and future […]

CloudVisit Telemedicine Assists Community Services Boards in Community Outreach and Patient Treatment Programs

CloudVisit Telemedicine understands the mission of community service boards and offers its platform for better community outreach, patient commitment to mental health and substance abuse programs, and overall better facility management. Community services boards (CSBs) provide resources to the community, primarily for mental health services. CloudVisit Telemedicine, with a strong niche in telepsychiatry, provides a […]