Paperless Aircraft Inspection Records


  • CloudVisit Aviation Software is more than an electronic logbook. Our aviation MRO software includes sophisticated features which enable you to videoconference with multiple people in different locations to ensure quality control and seamless workflow in aircraft inspections. No logbooks or data is ever lost, as everything is archived in the cloud.
  • Keep a visual record of inspection by using CloudVisit Aviation Software. Save images and recordings to the session file folder, and all data is archive in the cloud. It is easy to recover documentation of aircraft maintenance while working on inspection of an aircraft, or at a later date to verify quality control and aircraft safety.
  • Add a time stamp to recordings, and enable a hyperlink so that the viewer is directed to the specific moment within a recording. Save time with a direct link to the specific moment of repair you wish to review.
  • Use the multi-purpose checklist to make a note of which aviation experts and on site FAA licensed and approved maintenance technicians worked on aircraft inspection, make comments, and use labels to organize session recordings.
  • CloudVisit Aviation Maintenance Software saves all documentation of aircraft inspections in the cloud: if an on site FAA-certified mechanic needs to address an immediate issue or forgets to close a checklist, all information remains archived in the cloud so that you can retrieve it later to ensure quality control and record aircraft safety.
  • Note the status of each work item in aircraft inspection, repair and maintenance. For example, if a drone must pass safety inspection you can mark each step of the inspection as accepted, rejected, or N/A, or corrected. Easily update the status of aircraft repair without the paper, and all records are up-to-date with a history of the cloud-based documented aviation inspection progress.

Request a demo so our team can show you the benefits to paperless aircraft maintenance, repair and upkeep, and how to access records archived in the cloud.