Multi-Purpose Checklist

person videoconferening at their desk on a laptop

Multi-Pupose Checklist

  • View CloudVisit Aviation Software’s multi-purpose checklist from both desktop and mobile devices such as Android or Apple iOS phones.
  • Experts create a master checklist designed for aircraft inspection. Enter data live during a video-conferencing session to note the status of the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Export the results back to the checklist and store all information in the cloud.
  • Using CloudVisit’s aviation software, experts can also create an impromptu checklist during a video conferencing session to address and maintain a record of upkeep
  • CloudVisit aviation software has the option to import a spreadsheet as a master checklist and use it repeatedly. Use this as a master spreadsheet that can be duplicated to ensure quality control of inspection and repairs on a specific aircraft model.
  • Never compromise aircraft safety. CloudVisit Aviation’s multi-purpose checklist ensures no step is ever neglected during an inspection or technical maintenance. Update the status of each task within the checklist, make comments, and organize sessions using labels.
  • Upload annotated images, work descriptions, and links to both items within the session file folder and other internet sites. Use each of these supplemental documents as evidence of quality control in maintenance, repairs, and inspection, and to verify every step was taken to ensure safety in aircraft repairs.
  • Add a timestamp to recordings, and enable a hyperlink so that the viewer is directed to the specific moment within a recording playback during aircraft inspection. CloudVisit Aviation maintenance software saves time and maintains a record of every step of aircraft repair and inspection in order to ensure safety and quality control while allowing aircraft maintenance and repair instantly.
  • Never lose data: all information in the checklist remains in the cloud to increase the quality of aircraft inspection. If an on site FAA-certified mechanic needs to address an immediate issue or forgets to close a checklist, every step of aircraft maintenance is backed up on the cloud, so that inspection progress will never be lost.

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